Located at 83 Greenwich St, we are a small collective of designers and art directors working to elevate the interiors of our customers.

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Bad Dog Digital was founded by Louisa Grew in 2016 after identifying the ever-growing space of digital media focusing on it's creation, curation and communication. 

Louisa is a seasoned photographer with over 7 years experience, over half of which was spent within the fashion and music industries, specifically Sony Music and it's artists, as well as the Now That's What I Call Music brand. Louisa also has a passion for small businesses and their success, having provided private consulting services throughout the country.

It was this passion that led her to persue her aim of starting her own business, Bad Dog Digital, to fully commit to providing high quality and bespoke digital services to help small businesses engage with today's market, in order to be competitive in tomorrow's.

The name Bad Dog Digital comes from Louisa's family dog Truffle, who inspired the name rather obviously with her playful antics, and unbounding energy. This ethos is a lot of what Bad Dog Digital stands for, and partnered with Louisa's experience, love of animals, food, and her affinity for colour, creates a service whose imagination has no leash.