We build digital dreams...

We're SME experts, with just one purpose in life: designing marketing strategies, (and websites to match), which will make your business thrive.




Our certified Shopify experts create bespoke websites which are easy to shop - and easy to manage. 

No fear! We'll go one better than simply teaching you how to run your site - we'll even install the systems to make sure it goes without a hitch.

Fino Website By Bad Dog Digital

Content Creation

In modern eCommerce, content translates to cash. 

Want to see the sales rack up? Trust our experienced branding professionals to take your brand to the next level with bespoke product and lifestyle photography - and instruction on how to create your own.

Pj-s digital marketing campaign by bad dog digital

Digital Marketing

SEO, social ads, PPC - all sound like Dutch to you?

We'll demystify the revenue-driving world of digital marketing. And the best news? We not only work with small budgets - we actively explore free options before paid, and will clue you up to do it yourself.

 Is Shopify the best thing since sliced bread?

When it comes to eCommerce sites, we certainly think so.


Shopify is used by half a million businesses, big and small, to power their retail dreams because, put simply, it's the best.

Our certified Shopify experts will build you a site which is not only beautiful - but scalable. When your business grows, your site can too - fuss-free.

We cover every element of set-up, multi-platform optimisation, marketing and customisation so that the format works perfectly for you. We'll even integrate your business systems with your site for the ultimate head-ache-saving eCommerce platform.









Check out these latest examples of our work in action. 

We've said it before and we'll say it again: content sells

Let us create a visual identity for your brand


Taking photos isn't as easy as it looks - so let us take the hassle out of it. 

With our fully-equipped product photography studio, we can bring any product to life. Supplemented with lifestyle photography, your customers can experience the instantly relatable story of your brand.

We cover everything - from website and catalouge photography, to sharable pictures and videos for social media. And if you don't fancy your writing skills, we can even provide website copy and content strategies.



You know you should be doing it...

...you just don't know where to start


The fact is, digital marketing is more than a little technical.

If it's not the acronyms you're trying to get to grips with, it's the burden of maintaining your digital channels on a daily basis.

But never fear - we've got your back! From SEO, to social media profiles to building valuable, responsive email lists, we can give you the digital tools you need to stay ahead of the competition and take your business to the next level.


What our Clients Say

“Wow, you’re a perfectionist. My colleague and I are both delighted with this photo.  Photographing white items is our biggest source of frustration and you’ve done worlds better than we ever have! Thank you…”  
"Bad Dog Digital worked very quickly and efficiently to build my website in a very short space of time. They were extremely proactive and perceptive, grasping the brief immediately, and understood precisely what kind of look I wanted my website to have."
“Louisa has done a fantastic job creating my website - she has great enthusiasm and lots of ideas, but is also very happy to listen to ideas you might have and then turn them in to reality." 
“As a technical idiot (!) I found Louisa to be fantastic at explaining everything in language that I understood. I am thrilled with my website and would recommend her to anybody.” 
"I have never had such an idiot proof website before that I can change the various parts needed on a day to day basis."
- PJ-s

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