5 Instagram accounts I love

Instagram is such a weird and wonderful place, everyone has their own reasons for sharing things on it. But it's good to cut through the fluff and find beautiful and fun accounts that inspire you and make you smile every day of the week. Here are 5 of my favourites!

Colourful Travel - PorthJess 

I only recently came across Jess's account, which I'm kind of ashamed to say since I've been using instagram for years and lived in the South West of the UK since I was born (sans a few years in Edinburgh and London). Anyone who shares beautiful bright happy photos is a bonus in my book and recently her travels have made me want to jump into my car and dash off to Devon and the Scilly Isles.

Expect blue skies, bright coloured houses and sea views, heaven!

Fashion - Belle and Bunty

I worked for a fashion tech company for 4 years, so I've come across my fair share of fashion bloggers, but there is something about Belle and Bunty which is totally addictive. Maybe it's the fact there are two of them, and their outfits coordinate without matching, it's so deeply pleasing! Also I love their pink and red vibes, I love a little colour clashing (apart from when yellow is put with purple, that deeply offends me!!)

Expect serious bag envy, a liberal use of flowers and a real show of girl power!

Food - AnneAuChocolat

Ever seen something on instagram and thought, I'm going to make that, well Anne has that effect on me, I mean, look at her feed, YUM! Her miniature tarts laiden with berries and drizzled with chocolate are literally making me hungry even thinking about them. 

Expect a liberal use of raspberries, marble backdrops and drool-worthy chocolate everything. 

Rainbow - Crafttherainbow 

If someone would like to pay me to make rainbow photos....? In the mean time I have to admire the perfection of Brittany's feed of the best of the best rainbow photos. I could probably done a whole post on the rainbow accounts I discovered through following Brittany.

Expect rainbow everything from flowers to stationary, ice cream to balloons!

Fun - Mr Pokee

A travelling hedgehog, what else do I need to say! I think the hedgehog has visited more countries than I have! 

Expect cute hedgehog snaps and beautiful views!

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