Easter Egg Flowers

Last year, after much mulling, I decided that Easter was my favourite holiday of the year. Mainly because it combined the best of Christmas, my family coming together, and the best of the British weather, when you can get away with wearing just a t-shirt, but not enough to HAVE to get your legs out! With this in mind, I've stepped up my excitement by introducing a plethora of Easter based decorations, and for this I blame my aunt and a family holiday to Germany, circa 2000. It was also the first time I went to IKEA... so it was, in general, a great holiday! Anyway I digress! 

I thought this year I would create this really simple table decoration by marbling some white duck eggs and then filling them with spring flowers!

Daffodils, tulips spring marbled egg table decoration | Bad Dog Blog
Flower Easter Egg Table Decoration | Bad Dog Blog

To make this, all you need is:

  • White eggs (duck or otherwise)
  • Marbling kit (I bought mine in Lidl but these ones on Amazon work as well)
  • Flowers 
  • An egg cup (or some place to put them to dry)

They are very simple, you crack a hole at the top and empty the egg out of the shell. 

Put the capsule of dye into warm water to melt it.

Once melted, put on gloves, pour some of the dye onto your hands and roll the egg through the dye. Repeat several times for a more prominent colour.

Leave to dry, for at least 2-3 hours somewhere warm and dry, then fill with flowers! 

Spring marbled duck egg flower arrangement | Bad Dog Blog

I used miniature spring flowers because if you try and fill an egg with large flowers it's firstly likely to topple over, and secondly makes the egg look tiny and very disproportionate. I used minnow daffodils (which we grow in our garden), white freesias, green tulips, and baby green crysthanamum (all bought at my local supermarket!)

I used green as it toned quite well with the flowers I used above, and blue tends to sometimes look a little grey in low light. But pink and yellow work wonderfully as well, especially if you can tie in the colours of the flowers!

It’s a cracking way to kick of Easter and spring, without over-egging the budding! #sorrynotsorry #hotcrosspuns

Marbled Easter chicken eggs | Bad Dog Blog