5 Things I learnt at Big Small Business

Working for yourself can be one of the most exciting, exhilarating and exhausting experiences; not too different to riding a rollercoaster... backwards. I often find myself looking for inspiration to keep me motivated, and when my friend Catherine sent me the link to Big Small Business I knew I needed to follow up and push myself to go!

With my ticket wedged neatly in my handbag, I headed to Winchester and to the beautiful venue Laura and Monica had chosen, which was already bursting with like minded people looking for some inspiration.

5 Things I learnt at Big Small Business

1. Changing your plans is ok! 

The first talk was about 'pivots', and how each of the guest speakers had got to where they were from various other careers, and lucky accidents! I was blown away by how unusual and interesting each of their stories were, (Jennie from Lois Avery, Sarah from Pod & Pip, and Lizzie from Needle Knitwear). It just goes to show that anything is possible, and just because you're on one path doesn't mean you can't change and do something different if you don't feel fulfilled with what you are currently doing - it doesn't need to be scary or even a massive change, just simply a pivot.

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2. Passion for your business is essential and should drive you.

This one seems fairly obvious: of course you need to care about your business, but I was particularly struck during the talk by Holly, (founder of Pampelone) and Elizabeth (founder of Elizabeth Scarlett) about how passionate they were about their businesses, and even more about each others businesses. It was so refreshing to hear, and to realise that success isn't just reliant on cut-throat competitiveness, but on collaboration and courage to keep going because if that passion and belief in yourself and your business.

3. Bloggers aren't that scary!

I often find myself sitting at my computer or with my phone in my hand watching people online telling us about their lives. We know so much about them! What they ate for breakfast, what they read, what they like to wear, what their dog is called etc; it can be pretty odd when you suddenly walk into a room and there they are, human, just like you or me! I have to admit I'm the kind of person who gushes when they meet someone they avidly stalk and I just want to tell them how much I admire them... this obviously comes across as a bit freaky, but MonicaElla and Amanda were so kind and friendly... and they haven't blocked me on insta! They are great, digitally and in person!

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4. Use what you share to Educate and Inspire 

In a world where everything gets shared it's really important to have a purpose, and forgive me for not crediting properly, but I think it was Kevin from The Wine Butler that mentioned that everything he shares is to either educate or inspire and I think this is so important. Life's too short to waste your time wasting other people's.

5. Supporting others can be super rewarding

During the event there was a real buzz of excitement and I spent the whole day chatting to my fellow table friends, following them on insta and discussing insta tips and tricks and you know what? It felt great! There are lots of times when it can feel quite lonely running a business by yourself. You can obviously have friends and family supporting you, but it's just amazing to discover people who are going through the same adventures you are: Hannah from Hannah's Bnb and Gemma from Blossom Yoga gave an amazing talk on how they co-created a project and supported each other's strengths and it complimented the general theme of the day, that together we can all help each other to achieve our goals! 

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So there you have it, a truly uplifting, inspiring and thought provoking day! Thank you Laura and Monica.

I'll leave you with Kristina Karisson from Kikki K rules to live by, and although I could have written a whole post on her speech these pretty much sum it up, and are totally fab! 

  • Love what you do
  • Set Goals
  • Don't say no, say how!
  • Never stop learning
  • Work hard, work smart
  • Get up early
  • Surround yourself with great people
  • Be Grateful
  • Be Healthy
  • Take Notes
  • Have fun

If you'd like to follow Big Small Business you can check out them out here!